Handwriting Analysis/Examination Specialists

Handwriting analysis comprises two separate specialisation areas – forensic handwriting examination and handwriting analysis for personality profiling. These are two very different fields of handwriting analysis and require very different approaches.

Because handwriting behaviour is extremely complex, being inextricably linked to the central and peripheral nervous systems, an understanding of how neuropathy and the mental state will affect handwriting, is a crucial element in the examination of handwriting especially when faced with questioned documents.  The handwriting analyst  has this as part of their training. Read more about the difference between the study of handwriting for personality assessment and forensic handwriting examination.

Graphanex  provides training in both specialisation areas.

Forensic Handwriting Examination

Do you require a professional forensic examination service to determine the authenticity or genuineness of questioned documents, such as wills, contracts, etc.? A thorough examination of questioned documents is conducted in line with international standards for forensic document examination.

See list of forensic handwriting examiners

Forensic Handwriting Examination of Questioned Document Cases

Training in Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling

Learn how to conduct handwriting analysis to profile personality for Human Resource selection, career guidance, child guidance, partnership compatibility, team building and criminal profiling.

Training of Handwriting Analysts for Personality Profiling (Psychology of Handwriting)

Training in Forensic Handwriting Examination

Learn how to conduct forensic handwriting examinations through our courses which are offered through contact and online classes.

Training of Forensic Handwriting Examiners

Forensic Handwriting Examination and Training