Graphanex offers comprehensive forensic handwriting examination course comprising three modules for forensic handwriting examiners, including characteristics of handwriting, principles techniques and methodologies and court preparation and expert testimony.

Certificate in Forensic Handwriting Examination

Module One – Characteristics of Handwriting

Characteristics of Handwriting is the first module of a series of three modules in forensic handwriting examination and will introduce you to the handwriting features, important to the forensic handwriting examiner. It covers writing systems as well as the history of forensic handwriting examination.

Module Two – Principles, Techniques and Methodologies

This module covers, reference standards, ASTM standards, processes followed in detecting forged signatures, other questioned writing, printed documents,, external and internal factors affecting handwriting, and degrees of conclusion,

Module Three – Court Preparation and Expert Testimony

Preparing for and providing expert witness in a South African court. The practical component includes a simulated mock hearing.

Duration: approx 2 1/2 years
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A further useful forensic course is the Certificate in Statement Analysis.

The purpose of statement analysis is to detect deception and to obtain information from statements made. The course consists of two modules: Basic and Advanced principles. Statement Analysis teaches the skills of knowing what to listen for in statements made during investigations or other contexts such as disciplinary hearings, job interviews, forensic audits etc

Online study has lessons with self correcting questions to test mastery of each unit.

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Forensic Handwriting Examination Course