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Forensic Handwriting Examiners

Do you require the assistance of a professional forensic handwriting examiner to inspect disputed documents? Graphanex has compiled a list of qualified forensic handwriting examiners throughout South Africa. Be advised that forensic handwriting examination is not graphology.


Dr. Cecelia Rosa

Forensic Handwriting Examiner and Trainer

Malmesbury, Western Cape

Cell: 0832867459
Fax: 0866712907
Special interests:  Neuroscience and Neuromuscular disorders and  their impact on handwriting including line quality Click here to see more about Graphanex.

Requirements for the examination of signatures or handwriting

  1. Where practical provide the original disputed signature(s) and/or handwriting
  2. Where originals are not available, but are accessible, provide photographs rather than scanned images
  3. Where possible, indicate whether documents scanned and sent via email, are first generation copies or whether they are copies of
  4. Where practical provide as many original specimens (preferably 10 – 15) signatures of the writer disputing the signature
  5. Where possible, source signatures which have been written on similar documents
  6. Where possible source signatures which have been written in more or less the same timeframe (3 years either side of the date of the questioned writing).
  7. Should these collected specimens not be available, specimens may be requested from the writer disputing the writing, where practical. In this case the forensic handwriting examiner will conduct sessions to obtain known
  8. Do not fold documents where they have not already been folded.
  9. Do not staple documents which have not already been stapled.
  10. Do not mark documents in any way.

Other Forensic Handwriting Examiners

(not employed by Graphanex)


Terry Elmaleh


Cell: +27825567121
E-Mail: elmaleh@netactive.co.za
Website: www.handwritinganalyst.co.za

Charl Labonte


Cell: +27724855167
E-mail:  charl@destroconsultingservices.com
Website:  www.destroconsultingservices.com

Michelle Milne


Cell: +27832586858
E-mail : m.milne9@icloud.com

Liza Pieters


Cell:  +27836027510

Coral Collins

West Rand

Cell:   +27720898695
E-mail:    Coralcollins57@gmail.com

Yossi Vissoker


Tel:  011 802-5817 (Office)
Cell:  +2782575 2121
E-mail:  yossiv@hixnet.co.za
Website:  http://www.yossivissoker.co.za/

Lourika Buckley


Tel: +2711480 4854
Cell: +27836515214
E-mail: lourika@grafex.co.za
Website:  www.grafex.co.za

Cape Town

Andrea le Sueur

Hout Bay

Cell: +27829270855 Fax: +27217904135 E-Mail:
andreals@telkomsa.net Website:   www.fdex.co.za


David Maseli

Thaba-Tseka Cell: +26662020620 Fax: +26622268649 E-Mail: davidmaseli@gmail.com   For a list of handwriting analysts that specialise in personality profiling, click here.

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