Online handwriting analysis training classes offered for professionals who want to learn how to analyse handwriting for personality profiling or for forensic handwriting examination.

Is online for you?

Have you wanted to learn how to analyse handwriting (forensic or personality), but live far from possible classes?  Work requires you to travel and you would miss too many classes?  Or you are one of those who likes to study on your own?  You like to work at your own pace (faster or slower)?  You are very disciplined and like to set yourself a schedule and goals to achieve in your studies in your preferred time?

Online classes could work for you.  Graphanex offers handwriting analysis  and handwriting examination courses through online classes.

Studying through Graphanex is as easy as a click of links and the world of handwriting examination opens up to you!

Why you should consider online training

  • Students have access to eStudy Guides and practice activities online.
  • Students who feel they need the input of a tutor can arrange for synchronised  ad hoc sessions with the tutor .
  • Lessons are designed to assist students to identify key elements of each unit.
  • Continuous assessment via lessons assists students to work through each unit and assess how well you have done.
  • Marks are automatically recorded to assist students to view their progress.
  • All this is done via the Moodle learner managements platform.

All you need in the comfort of your office or home, is a computer with a camera and sound, and a stable Internet connection.  And the determination to set aside regular study times and to apply the skills as frequently as possible.

Check out our list of handwriting analysis courses for personality profiling or forensic handwriting examination, and contact us today to register your interest.