A handwriting analyst and forensic handwriting examiner, Graphanex is in the business of examining handwriting to highlight potential fraud and answer tough questions about personality.

We provide forensic handwriting examination services and online and contact classes for professionals who want to learn about forensic handwriting examination and handwriting analysis for personality profiling.

It is important to note that these are two very different fields of the study of handwriting and require very different approaches and you should ensure your handwriting analyst has specialised in the relevant field.

About Dr. Cecelia Rosa

Dr. Rosa’s interest in analysing handwriting started approximately 18 years ago as a result of her knowledge and training (Doctorate in Educational Psychology) with special interest in the link between cognition and the neuromuscular system which is concerned with how the muscular and nervous systems work together and how it impacts on handwriting.

Today, Dr. Rosa is a teacher of forensic handwriting examination to students in South Africa and outside in Africa and a teacher of the psychology of handwriting to clinical & counselling psychologists and human resource practitioners.

She has developed, teaches and assesses separate courses, for each of these disciplines within handwriting examination since the theoretical frameworks for these disciplines differ although there are overlaps such as an understanding of handwriting features as the basis.

Our Vision

Enhance the image of scientific Handwriting Analysis as legitimate, credible fields of research within psychology and forensic science.


Graphanex is committed to:

  • A scientific approach to Handwriting Analysis
  • Effective and Efficient training of responsible and professional Handwriting Analysts and Examiners
  • Equip students to provide an expert, professional service to business, legal, law enforcement, education and psychology professionals.

What is Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling?

  • As a measure of personality, Handwriting Analysis is useful in the identification of physical attributes, personality traits and intellectual potential.
  • Handwriting Analysis is complementary to other methods of personality and character assessment. As an emerging science, Handwriting Analysis is gaining the attention of academics the world  over as this emerging science develops into a reliable and valid measuring instrument for a variety of applications, e.g. personnel selection, career coaching, team building and several more.

What is Forensic Handwriting Examination?

  • Forensic handwriting examination is the examination of handwriting to establish genuineness of writing in questioned documents.
  • It is the responsibility of the forensic handwriting examiner to determine whether the document is authentic or forged, original or altered.
  • Questioned documents can take the form of legal documents such as wills, contracts,  and also ransom notes, examination scripts, sick notes, graffiti on walls and desks, etc.

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