Do you offer online or contact courses?

Contact classes: over weekends (approx 1 saturday morning or afternoon per month) or on weekdays if requested. Contact classes are only held if there is enough interest in contact classes.

Online Learning: excellent online support from our very experienced lecturers

Where are classes offered?

Pretoria and Cape Town.

What do the courses cost?

Please contact info@graphanex.co.za for the fees per module. Payment options are available.

What is the difference between Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling and Forensic Handwriting Examination?

Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling follows a process to use handwriting to determine personality. Forensic Handwriting Examination follows a process to determine the genuineness of writing on a document and does not measure personality.

Where does the forensic examination of handwriting fit into document examination?

Document examination is an all encompassing science dealing with the examination of all kinds of documents and includes those documents which are handwritten.  This means that forensic handwriting analysis is one component of document examination.

Is the course in Forensic Handwriting Examination, offered by Graphanex, recognised and by whom?

Since there is no regulatory body in South Africa, to assess the standards of courses in forensic handwriting identification or document examination, our course is not accredited by any regulatory body. However, the course has been developed according to the UNODC guidelines and the ASTM (int’l) standards.

Where can one obtain training in Forensic Handwriting Examination in South Africa?

Apart from Graphanex, some receive their training via the South African Police Services, others are trained online through American Associations such as ABFDE, ASQDE, QDE and several universities in America and the UK.  Often the courses through universities are only offered to postgraduate students.

What is the duration of the Graphanex Forensic Handwriting Examination course?

30 months.

Who should train as a handwriting examiner/analyst?

Forensic Handwriting Examination

Are you involved in forensic work? Forensic Handwriting Examination is for those investigators, those working with law enforcement agencies and others needing to determine the authenticity of documents.

Personality Profiling

If you have a passion for understanding human behaviour, work with people in a variety of contexts, e.g. human resources, training, counselling, career guidance, criminal profiling, investigation and other life sciences, handwriting analysis is an exciting and rewarding pursuit or an enhancement to your current work. Psychologists, career and other counsellors, HR professionals and criminologists find this training useful in their work.

How long does it take to study the Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling course?

For contact students:

  • Fundamentals of Handwriting Analysis: approx 6 months + online activities (optional) + 3 hour exam
  • Advanced Handwriting Analysis: approx 6 months + online activities (optional) + 3-hour exam
  • Behavioural Handwriting Analysis: approx 7 months + online activities (optional) +3 hour exam
  • Applied Handwriting Analysis:  approx 5 months + online activities (optional) + 3 hour exam
  • Internship of 8 months

Online students work at their own pace (up to 6 months per module).

Who can I contact for more information about handwriting analysis for personality profile training?

You can email us here or check out our list of available courses here.

Who can I contact for more information about handwriting analysis for personality profiling?

Check out our list of qualified handwriting analysts here.


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