Introduction to Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling is a short module that introduces the student to some of the basic features of  Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling and provides the student with an introductory understanding of some of the many features of handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis consists of a significant number of features which the handwriting analyst should be able to integrate into clusters to determine specific personality traits.

The introductory course provides a glimpse into some of the many features, including slant, baseline, margins, zones, pressure, and spacing (margins, primary and secondary width, word and line spacing).

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling Course

The fees include the grids required for measurements (download from the learning management system), the training manual and other rexources on the Learning Management System.

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Graphanex also offers a range of related handwriting analysis training through contact and online classes, including basic psychology for handwriting analysts developed especially for handwriting analysts who do not have a psychology background. Also on offer: