Statement Analysis is a valuable forensic technique in the detection of deception or otherwise in a statement and an important crime fighting tool.

Yet, in South Africa, statements are taken in the clumsiest of ways by police officers who can only speak or write basic English. A great deal of evidence is lost or contaminated in this way.

The best statement is obtained when the person giving the statement writes the statement him or herself. However, oral statements also contain vital information and the method oral statements are obtained is equally important. Furthermore, any discarded statements are also considered significant in the analysis of statements.

Only what is exactly said or written is analysed and not what person taking the statement thinks was said. The interpretation or correction of language or vocabulary by the person taking the statement, will contaminate it and it will lose its power.

Statement Analysis techniques uncover information not overtly stated and alerts the investigator to areas which need further probing which saves time during investigative activities, whether in a police or fraud investigation.