Regularly I stumble across articles by irresponsible handwriting analysts who spend an entire article discussing one graphological feature and building a complex personality profile around that, e.g. I have just come across an article discussing the variations of the letter ‘d’ in a handwriting and what it says about your personality.  The human personality is far more complex than reducing it to the measurement of one graphological feature in your writing and yes that one feature could suggest something about you.  But other graphological features would modify the personality trait suggested by that one feature or reduce or increase its significance.  Graphological features have many interpretations, and graphological features modify each other, e.g. you may have a right slanted writing, but if the primary width of letters is wide, the interpretation will be different to if the primary width of letters is narrow and this interpretation could further be corroborated by other features and the argument in favour of a particular personality trait would be strengthened.  Thus to analyse handwriting requires skill, logic and the ability to synthesis the features into a coherent whole.