Handwriting Analysis as a projective test measuring personality, should be regulated by the statutory body tasked with overseeing such tests.

projective test is a personality test in which a person interprets ambiguous stimuli such as words and images revealing hidden emotions and possibly inner conflicts. The handwriting manifests what is happening in the psyche.  Since most projective tests are not standardised, there is a definite need to guard against subjectivity.  The skillful handwriting analyst will guard against personal biases and contaminating the analysis with their own perspectives during their interpretation of the message embedded in the handwriting while uncovering a wealth of information tucked away in the subconscious and therefore needs to handle this information with great care and responsibility . But at the same time,because handwriting analysis is not controlled with other psychological tests  the opportunist with inadequate training could do a great deal of damage to an unsuspecting client.  Hence the need for regulation of this measurement of personality.