Can one obtain an accurate portrait of a personality from analysing the signature only?  I have to say a categoric ‘No!.  In the past couple of hours I have found three varied and contrasting analyses of Jacob Zuma’s signature.  This in itself suggests that an accurate portrayal of a personality cannot hinge on a signature alone.  I therefore question the reliability of these three analyses.  It is tantamount to taking a verse from the scriptures, interpreting it in isolation and arriving at a conclusion.  Analysing a signature in personality profiling requires it to be done in conjunction with the handwriting of the individual. Using handwriting to draw a profile of a personality requires care, objectivity and accuracy.

The signatures of one individual vary from day to day and document to document.  The forensic handwriting expert also understands the need to compare a questioned signature with a significant number of ‘standards’ before a conclusion can be drawn.  Working with a questioned signature and one other, is an exercise in foolishness and an accurate conclusion will remain elusive.

Handwriting analysis whether for personality profiling or forensic examination, must strive towards reliability and accuracy of results and working with only one signature does not make that possible.