Can handwriting analysis as a measurement of personality, be taken seriously? Let’s start by asking, can one take finger print analysis seriously?  Can one take the Rorschach projective test interpretation seriously?  Is the interpretation of the’DAT’ reliable, creditable?  None of the above falls into the ambit of exact science, yet all have their place in the measurement of aspects of being human. Handwriting is as unique to the individual as is their finger print.  Yes, there are graphological features common to personality and character traits, but the combination of these features are unique to the individual.  This is an important point as human beings cannot be reduced to a checklist of features.  Features in combination modify each other, resulting in the unique interpretation of a specimen of writing. Since handwriting reveals subtle information about the individual, can  the average analyst, identify these subtle features in a ‘quickie reading’ of the handwriting?  I have to say categorically, ‘ No!’  In a quickie analysis, the more obvious features will be identified, but the more subtle features will remain hidden because of time constraints.  This defeats the objective of reliability striven for by the serious, professional handwriting analyst.   ‘Quickie analyses’ will lead to handwriting analysis not being taken seriously by the broader public.  Crystal ball reading then springs to mind.  This is not what handwriting analysis is about.  It is a credible field of study with many centuries of research to underpin its theories.