forensic handwriting examiner

The forensic handwriting examiner can be relied upon as an expert witness to testify about the authenticity of documents.

Most of the work done by document examiners in South Africa involves handwriting and printed documents. However distorted perceptions continue to exist about the status of forensic document / handwriting examiners as expert witnesses in South Africa.

If you are a document examiner or need to use one, this article will help you dispel those perceptions.

Part 1 – What is an expert witness in the South African context

Part 2 – When is a forensic handwriting examiner an expert

Part 3 – The difference between the study of handwriting for personality assessment and forensic handwriting examination

Part 4 -How does training as a handwriting analyst

Part 5 – What training opportunities are there for the forensic handwriting examiner in South Africa

Part 6 – Continuous Professional Development

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