How will handwriting analysis assist you to make a more informed decision?

As the HR person, the company looks to you to find the best fit for a post.  The best fit requires of you to make an informed decision about potential candidates.  As the HR person you probably rely heavily on the interview and a battery of very expensive tests.  And yet, how often do you find out too late, that the person you employed, is not the right fit for the position.

A good handwriting analyst will discuss the job spec, with you in detail to get a good sense of the requirements of the job.  He or she will also try to understand the company culture.  There is no point in having those wonderful skills but a potential employee who just doesn’t fit into the team. The analyst will guide you in how to obtain a specimen of handwriting and to ensure that permission has been obtained from the applicant.

In the interview the candidate floods you with charm and confidence or responds to tests in a way that they think will impress you.  Only after the contract is signed, you find out that you have a very argumentative person, or a bluffer or someone who doesn’t have drive.  You need a go-getter, someone with initiative.  But you come to realise that you have an insecure employ who won’t do anything without a colleague or two having to micromanage.  And yet in the interview and the tests, he or she comes across as almost perfect for the job.  Will the applicant fit into the team?  Where are the potential areas of conflict between personalities in a team or between potential employee and the line manager. How do you determine true work ethic or ethical behaviour in other areas?  Can what the potential employee says or does, be trusted?

Handwriting analysis as a further tool in your selection process provides insight which is often not identified in other assessment tools and will certainly assist you in making a more informed decision.