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Inextricable link between handwriting and the brain

Interesting article about ongoing research into the link between handwriting and the brain. https://www.israel21c.org/how-our-handwriting-reveals-our-mood/ This link  between handwriting and the brain is important both for the forensic handwriting examiner who examines questioned writing, and the handwriting analyst who analyses personality through handwriting.  There are unconscious, involuntary movements

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The Ethics of Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling

Once again, a snippet of handwriting of a famous South African personality has surfaced and been analysed to see if there are any ‘juicy’ bits of information which can be gleaned from it. The analysis of small snippets of handwriting of well known personalities, raises questions of sensationalism

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Handwriting Examination courses

Courses in Handwriting Analysis offered by Graphanex Visit www.graphanex.co.za, click on the ‘students online’ link, then click on’ Information on Handwriting Analysis courses’ for a free to view presentation on the two courses on handwriting analysis offered by Graphanex. Graphanex offers two courses in handwriting examination  Forensic

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Handwriting Analysis and Partnership Compatibility

Can your handwriting reveal your compatibility with your partner, whether you are in a business or a romantic relationship?  Yes! Are you thinking of going into business with someone?  Are you getting serious in a romantic relationship? Do you wonder how you will get along somewhere further

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Line Quality in the Examination of Handwriting

Handwriting examination reveals more about the writer, than just the words on paper or how letters are formed.  A close examination of the actual line quality, can reveal information about the physical and mental health of the writer as well as writing habits unique to an individual

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