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The Importance of Continuous Professional Development in Handwriting Examination

Can anyone claim to be an expert in handwriting examination if their training was completed 10, 20, or 30 years ago?  Can an expert rely solely on his or her experience in handwriting examination after training, as a means of claiming skills as current?  Can an expert ignore the technological advances

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What is Forensic Handwriting Identification?

Forensic Handwriting Identification is the science of determining the authenticity of a specimen of handwriting.  Forensic Handwriting Identification is one facet of document examination.  In South Africa, the most common enquiry to a document examiner, is to assess the genuineness of signatures on official documents, although other

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Standardisation of Forensic Document Examiner Training

Standardisation of Forensic Document Examiner Training    Interesting article. It seems the America fraternity have the same problem as we in South Africa with regards to Forensic Document Examination training.   It is ironic that despite there being no regulatory authority in this field in South Africa, that unjustified comparisons can

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Online Conferences in Handwriting Analysis

Keep your knowledge current by attending two conferences online Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners http://www.safeforensics.org/annual-seminar-interactive-workshop/   American Handwriting Analysis Foundation http://conta.cc/1CoG8Yn

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Theoretical framework for handwriting analysis

Recently I heard a radio announcer mock an educationist for suggesting that handwriting analysis be used to understand children a little better.  From the announcer’s comments, it was quite clear she was ignorant about what handwriting analysis involves.  An academic who was questioned over the air was emphatic

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Using social media to market your handwriting analysis practice

Although a valuable measure of personality by trained handwriting analysts, Handwriting Analysis for personality profiling is often viewed with skepticism by the general public or regarded as crystal ball reading and such like. Rather than conventional advertising of your skills and services as a handwriting analyst, social media

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Detect the Potential for Dishonesty, in Handwriting

Is it possible to know up front that someone may have the potential to commit fraud, steal or lie or to identify likely suspects in an investigation?  A careful handwriting analysis can detect the potential for deception in handwriting. All of us practice deceptive behaviour at one

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Impromptu handwriting analysis

Increasingly promotions and other companies in Johannesburg, are requesting handwriting analysts to do impromptu analyses and then to provide 15 – 30 minute feedback to the writer.  This raises an ethical dilemma.   Handwriting analysis simply cannot be seen as a gimmick as it contains a great deal

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Accuracy of Signature Analysis in Personality Profiling

Can one obtain an accurate portrait of a personality from analysing the signature only?  I have to say a categoric ‘No!.  In the past couple of hours I have found three varied and contrasting analyses of Jacob Zuma’s signature.  This in itself suggests that an accurate portrayal

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Public Perception of Handwriting Analysis

Can handwriting analysis as a measurement of personality, be taken seriously? Let’s start by asking, can one take finger print analysis seriously?  Can one take the Rorschach projective test interpretation seriously?  Is the interpretation of the’DAT’ reliable, creditable?  None of the above falls into the ambit of

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