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The Modular Forensic Handwriting Method

http://afde.org/currentissue.html As an applied science, forensic handwriting examination as a discipline is continually striving to standardise a framework of methods of forensic handwriting examination to determine correlation between known and questioned writing.  The modular forensic handwriting method developed by Found and Bird (1996), provides one such framework

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Benefits of Learning Cursive Writing

http://www.pens.com/blog/the-benefits-of-handwriting-vs-typing/ This article is a further reminder of the importance of learning to write in cursive.  Enough research exists to link the learning of cursive writing, to effective learning, i.e. children and students who take down notes by writing them learn more effectively than those taking down

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Learning Development and the teaching of handwriting

http://www.nwp.org/cs/public/print/resource/3555 Writing and the Brain: Neuroscience Shows the Pathways to Learning – article by Judy Wills, neurologist and learning specialist While the debate rages on about whether schools should drop the teaching of cursive writing, more and more research  has demonstrated a definite link between handwriting and cognitive and

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The Reliability of Forensic Handwriting Examination

http://aphesa.org.za/reliability-forensic-handwriting-examination/ Visit the Association of Professional Handwriting Examiners’ of South Africa website  http://www.aphesa.org.za

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Study Forensic Handwriting Examination, Online

Would you like to study forensic handwriting examination but don’t have time to attend classes?  Are you a disciplined, motivated distance student?   Consider online classes.   Please visit http://www.graphanex.co.za and click on students online, register, click on Information about Handwriting Examination Courses.  Click on the blue W

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The Ethics of Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling

Once again, a snippet of handwriting of a famous South African personality has surfaced and been analysed to see if there are any ‘juicy’ bits of information which can be gleaned from it. The analysis of small snippets of handwriting of well known personalities, raises questions of sensationalism

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Questioned documents – original writing vs photocopies

Would a document examiner worth his or her salt settle for the examination of photocopies?  I would say not.  An analogy I frequently use is the difference between a dried leaf and a living leaf.  Much of what can be found in a living leaf, has long

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Study handwriting examination online

Handwriting analysis has always fascinated you?   You wish you could analyse handwriting in your HR , forensic , psychology environments? In the global village in which we live, distance is less of a factor, when choosing a course to study.  Have you wanted to learn how to

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Handwriting Examination courses

Courses in Handwriting Analysis offered by Graphanex Visit www.graphanex.co.za, click on the ‘students online’ link, then click on’ Information on Handwriting Analysis courses’ for a free to view presentation on the two courses on handwriting analysis offered by Graphanex. Graphanex offers two courses in handwriting examination  Forensic

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Questioned and Known Signatures in Forensic Handwriting Examination

Once you are confronted with a questioned signature on a disputed document, the challenge is on to find adequate known specimens of signatures with which to compare it during an examination.  In the world of handwriting examination, there are two categories of signatures from which to draw.

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