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Function of Handwriting Analysis

I am often asked where one would use handwriting analysis. Handwriting analysis has several applications. The most frequently used application in South Africa is in human resource selection. However, as handwriting is really a response of the hand to the brain impulses, handwriting analysis can be done

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Forensic Handwriting Analysis – The link between the hand and the brain

Much research has been conducted over the last number of centuries, into handwriting as a link between the hand and the brain. According to Wolf (1963) since handwriting is an unconscious action, and since handwriting analysis is used to identify whether a writing is genuine, it is therefore recognised that the

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Can stress be revealed in handwriting?

STRESS AND YOUR HANDWRITING   Stress and burnout have become a part of everyday life for most people as work and family demands constantly increase. Stress can be defined as the response to what the individual perceives as challenging events in his/her life. Stress varies with the

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Why Handwriting Analysis should be regulated by the Professional Council

Handwriting Analysis as a projective test measuring personality, should be regulated by the statutory body tasked with overseeing such tests. A projective test is a personality test in which a person interprets ambiguous stimuli such as words and images revealing hidden emotions and possibly inner conflicts. The handwriting manifests what is happening in

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Characteristics of a Good Handwriting Analyst

What are the characteristics a good handwriting analyst should strive after? Well perhaps one should start with what a good handwriting analyst is not.  A handwriting analyst is not someone who tells the future, attains training through reading a book from a bookstore or indulges in ‘over a

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Evidence in what you say

Statement Analysis is a valuable forensic technique in the detection of deception or otherwise in a statement and an important crime fighting tool. Yet, in South Africa, statements are taken in the clumsiest of ways by police officers who can only speak or write basic English. A

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Oscar Pistorius’s Handwriting

Coming across a so-called analysis of Oscar Pistorius’s handwriting on the worldwide web, concerned me greatly as I believe the ethics which any graphologist worth his or her salt holds dear, has been compromised. Firstly, analysing such a brief note written several years ago cannot do justice to a professional

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Personality is not a list of handwriting features

Regularly I stumble across articles by irresponsible handwriting analysts who spend an entire article discussing one graphological feature and building a complex personality profile around that, e.g. I have just come across an article discussing the variations of the letter ‘d’ in a handwriting and what it says about your

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Hidden truths revealed through handwriting analysis

The business world is increasingly coming to realise that their human capital is their most valuable asset and the cornerstone in the success of their business. However, managing employee relationships continues to be the daunting responsibility of the manager as personality conflicts rear their ugly heads with

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Time Management – Learning to say ‘no’

Important aspects of time management and assertiveness which many people find very difficult to do, is to simply say ‘no’ to unreasonable requests and demands on their time. We don’t have to meet the expectations of everyone. When is the request unreasonable? When you know it is

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