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Why Cursive Writing is important in the Digital Age

white-paper – cursive handwriting in the digitial age Posted by the AHAF (American Handwriting Analysis Foundations)

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Cognitive Bias and the Handwriting Examiner

At times the forensic handwriting examiner is called upon to be an expert witness. An expert witness is generally assumed to have the appropriate knowledge, skills and training and therefore expertise in a particular field.  According to Dror (2011), this expertise is acquired through

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Handwriting Analysis and Partnership Compatibility

Can your handwriting reveal your compatibility with your partner, whether you are in a business or a romantic relationship?  Yes! Are you thinking of going into business with someone?  Are you getting serious in a romantic relationship? Do you wonder how you will get along somewhere further

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Line Quality in the Examination of Handwriting

Handwriting examination reveals more about the writer, than just the words on paper or how letters are formed.  A close examination of the actual line quality, can reveal information about the physical and mental health of the writer as well as writing habits unique to an individual

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To Teach Handwriting or not to Teach Handwriting

While many advocate the dropping of the teaching of handwriting from the curriculum as it may not be relevant in a digital age, the irony is that the cognitive development encouraged by the teaching of handwriting, is most certainly necessary in the digital age! How will teaching handwriting, help

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Examination of Handwriting in Forgeries

In South Africa, the large majority of enquiries the Forensic Handwriting Examiner (FHE), receives is for the analysis of disputed signatures. What does the forensic handwriting examiner (FHE) look for?  Since no writer signs in exactly the same way, a direct comparison of handwriting features is not

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Handwriting Analysis and the employee selection process

How will handwriting analysis assist you to make a more informed decision? As the HR person, the company looks to you to find the best fit for a post.  The best fit requires of you to make an informed decision about potential candidates.  As the HR person

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Handwriting Analysis – assessment for HR professionals

Considering the complexity of human nature, the HR professional has a daunting task to screen short listed candidates for crucial positions in their companies.  It’s not only about skills and experience. It is not surprising therefore that several countries make use of handwriting analysis as one of their assessment measures

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How do we account for individuality in handwriting?

If handwriting analysis is a pseudo-science as many people ignorant of the dynamics of handwriting analysis, claim, how do we account for the fact that we all receive the same tuition on how to write, as 5 to 6 year olds, yet some of us write as we

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